HoT - Heathers on Tour

In collaboration with Nora Jacobs and Nicole Sabella

Live performance duration: 10 min.


According to the motto ‘Your documentation is my documentation is material is my next show’, HoT – Heathers on Tour – connects performance objects, texts and choreographic elements from previous works with new costumes and revolving stage to create a new performative installation, which is inspired by horror movies. The live-performance and lecture also give an insight into the feministic working structure of the female artist collective. HoT – Heathers on Tour – are Veronika Burger, Nora Jacobs and Nicole Sabella.

The character of ‘Heather’ represents the ultimate horror movie-supporting actress. With the theme of horror as it is often negotiated in horror movies along the line of demarcation of female identities and bodies, we approach from the queer-feminist perspective triggers for feelings of lustful horror, sweet shudder, uncanny and discomfort. In various medias, we are interested in the translation processes between film and live-performance and de-/ reconstruct familiar figures of popular horror movies within a combination of terrific humour and humorous horror.

Our cinematic performative experiments follow the topos of the supporting actresses; be they figures, objects, buildings, sounds or the camera itself, and declare them to protagonists. Roles, which are assigned to the supporting actresses in the movies, are crossed with real biographies of the actresses. Their film and life destinies seem structurally similar to eerie a tragic comedy.


Displayed at:

PRAHA / Fórum pro architekturu a média, Brno (CZ) 2017