Another HerStory

Videoinstallation, dimensions variable, 2018

Duration: 23 min. / Format: 16:9 HD


Which art collections are accessible and to whom? Which protagonist puts the camerawoman most prominently in the picture? Is the hanging a rehearsal?

‘Another HerStory’ is a video essay about the third hanging of the Alexia Stuefers’ art collection, which focuses exclusively on the art of women, in her private rooms. The visual level observes in a structure of temporal compilation the necessary technical working steps and makes decision processes about the possibilities of the suspension of artworks visible. Furthermore, one’s own position as documentary filmmaker is addressed by my own interventions in the working process in the course of hanging and examined hierarchies closely. The video sketches the own working performance within a documentary order and shows randomly sequences in a hierarchically changing structure. It is, among other things, this blending of private and public production spheres where precisely such moments that are usually eliminated from the final product become visible: moments of reluctance and observation, of indecisiveness and awkwardness, of doubt and search, of making mistakes and failure, of hesitation and repetition. This also involves a fundamental notion of the work on art, where shifting power relations manifest themselves, not least regarding the aim to render visible processes of artistic decision-making as a procedure oscillating between plan and contingency.

The audio layer stages an interview between Ursula Maria Probst and me and reproduces a text elaborated by Alexia Stuefer about her own economic entanglements of power, market and art, which arose in the course of questionnaire I wrote to the collector.