How To inscribe Yourself In Performance Art History

Lecture-performance - duration: 1 hour

In collaboration with Suzie Léger and Martha Wilson


In Collaboration with Martha Wilson and Suzie Léger – we staged a lecture performance during the symposium “This Sentence Is Now Being Performed – Research and Teaching in Performance and Performative Art” at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.

In 2009 Suzie Léger and I had a residency at the Franklin Furnace Institute in New York where we did a research project on Performance Arts and how it shifts the definitions of this genre over time and place. Beforehand we met various Austrian- based artists, curators and writers we interviewed about this topic; doing the same later in New York with people based in America. These interviews were recorded and later analyzed. Gelitin, KozekHörlonski, Geschwister Odradek, Martha Wilson, Virginie Bobin, Ulrike Müller are some of the names we talked to and we dealt with regarding the following questions:

How do you handle documentation of performance art history? Who is writing performance art history? What happens if you just add yourself to the history? Is it possible to change past through the present?

These questions were reflected in the lecture performance of the power point presentation done by Martha Wilson. She talked about her life and oeuvre and how she initiated the Franklin Furnace Institute that was and is still is one of the biggest and most important archives of Performance Art. She illustrated the history of the Franklin Furnace Institute by showing pictures of renowned pieces of Performance Art, which the institute supported over the years. Her talk was interrupted by our private photos that we had previously taken of our joint journey from the airport to the Academy and mixed in with the big name droppers of art history power point presentation. Martha continued holding her lecture as if nothing happened.


Performed at:

This Sentence Is Now Being Performend - Symposium of Research and Teaching in Performance and

Performance Art, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (AT), 2010