Videoperformance and installation

Duration: 2.42 min - Format: 16:9 (PAL)

Posters (42,0 cm x 59,4 cm), autograph cards (9,8 cm x 14,6 cm) & interieur


Never tired of falling in love, Vérorose plays with the structures of popular Latin American as well as European telenovelas in combination with elements of well-known musicals, such as The Sound of Music. In my fictional trailer, Julie Andrews is replaced by Vérorose, costumed in an exaggerted version of an Austrian Tracht. Multi-sexed, she can change her appearance whenever she wants. But she finds happy endings boring...

For the staging of the telenovela, locations in Vienna were picked which are similar to the original Latin American series locations. The trailer shows faked rehearsals, “behind-the-scene” elements and concrete elements of the telenovela Vérorose.

The fictional telenovela Vérorose consists of a trailer, autograph cards and fan posters like a real television series.



Some Threads and Traces - 13 Austrian Women (Video-) Artists, Photon Gallery Ljubljana (SLO) 2019

entzaubert - noncommercial QUEER D.I.Y. Filmfest, Berlin (DE) 2012

9th Naoussa International Filmfestival, Naoussa (GR), 2012

VI. International Biennal of Textile Art México, Galería Carolos Fuentes, Xalapa (MX) 2011



Cinematographer: Suzie Léger; Camera operator: Judith Grünauer; 1. Assistant camera, Photographer & Scriptgirl: Raffaela Bielesch; Stage Lightning: Judith Grünauer; Make Up & Hair Styling: Julia Burger; Sound & Vocals: Irma Tulek & Veronika Burger, Design: Veronika Burger & Irma Tulek